About our School

The First Church of God Preschool is a Christian school for 3-5 year old children.
Our programs help nurture positive social experiences and emotional development through the stimulation of each child's natural curiosity to learn about the world and community they live in. Your child will be exposed to the basic core elements of education like mathematics, language, science, art, music, Christ centered teaching, and social interaction through basic hands on experiences.

The staff at the Preschool is highly qualified in the field of early childhood education and has the most experienced staff in the county. Our teachers treat each child with the utmost respect in all aspects of their education and continually encourage each child as they each learn their daily lessons. Our program far exceeds the state standards for this level of education.

Your child will become an accomplised artist (finger paint and stick figures), learn the alphabet and the number system and what each element is used for. By the time they leave our school your child will have a basic knowledge of needs to be mastered in kindergarten and well on their way to a very bright future.

Join us in this incredible journey as your child grows and learns and makes the transition from a child with limited knowledge to one who can recognize their name and numbers and tell you all about the new friends that they made at school.